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>> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> have a legal responsibility to inform others of the truth and you don't share that truth? that's what called? >> i always answer questions truthfully, mr. camp. >> bill: the fired head of the irs getting grilled today on capitol hill. but as usual he knows nothing. >> i don't have names for you, mr. brady. i'm willing to try to find that out. >> bill: we have very precise irs coverage tonight and talk to a man who got hammered by that agency. >> give meme stuff. >> stuff right now. >> i'm sorry. >> bill: students are attacking teachers all over the u.s.a. but now the los angeles school district says they will no longer suspend
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threatening students insane? we'll have analysis. >> don't do that. >> bill: new study out of the university of california says strong men are often conservative. while weak men tend to be liberal. >> i daddy a rebel. >> is that a fair assessment? gutfeld and mcguirk. fairness weigh he in. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. grilling the irs. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today the house ways and means committee questioning fired irs commissioner steve miller. one of his deputies jay russell george this because
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the irs has admitted it unfairly targeted conservative groups for years. yet, the boss, miller, says he didn't know much about it i'm going to take exception to the comment targeting because that's a loaded it term. >> this is not a listing, you created a beyond the lookout list. that's not a centralized government mandated or directed listing. you had a be on the lookout list that you acknowledge. who is responsible for targeting these individuals? >> so, i don't have names for you, mr. brady. and i'm willing to try to find that out. >> bill: since his last day, i think it's today. you know, come on. so, let's see, benghazi, the obama administration is going to find out nothing would happen and bring the terrorists to justice. and now in the irs scandal, they are willing to find
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out. you sense a theme here. >> attorney general eric holder announced a criminal investigation of what happened. between those investigations, i think we are going to be able to figure out exactly what happened. >> bill: be able to figure it out. now, i'm mocking this because it's so ridiculous. the inspector general discovered the irs targeting the conservative groups monts ago. surely mr. miller and the white house both knew the irs was being investigated. yet now, not before. now, everybody wants to find out who did what. this is why many americans don't trust their government. talking points doesn't know who directed irs agents to target and i will use that word, conservative groups. and individuals. but surely miller knows much more than he is saying. and that brings us to what happens next. miller could be indicted. that's possible. the fbi is investigated. but only, only when irs people from the inside start to blot whistle will
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the scandal be defined. until that happens it's all speculation. what's not speculation is the chaos we are seeing in washington right now. that's damaging the nation. and the president is rightfully taking massive heat. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. while the head of the irs objects to word target. one men who apparently did have a bulls eye on his back is speaking out. frank van der sloot an idaho businessman donated $1 million to help mitt romney. after that he was audited on three different occasions, rubbing up nearly $100,000 in legal bills. joining us now from salt lake city is mr. van der sloot. so we had you on a little more than a year ago after you donated to the romney campaign the obama campaign web site began to hammer you and put your name out there and all of this business. let's start there. then what happened?
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>> well, that morning, april 20th, 2012, that's when my life changed. i got a phone call from my son and he said, dad, you have got to look at this. i went on there. the campaign's web site and sure enough there it was. 8 of us singled out out of thousands of donors suggest -- saying two things about us. one thing they said was that 8 of us had less than reputable records and had been on the wrong side of the law which certainly wasn't true for me and i don't think was true for i any of us. >> that was on the obama campaign official web site, right? >> yes. >> the smear of you. then it gets out and the far left web sites start to do, what? >> well, the very same day we started seeing blowing sights and so-called journalists started to repeat those messages about us. and about me personally. and then i started losing
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customers at my business. we had hundreds of customers -- our emails lit up. our phone lines lit up. and we -- all hell broke loose for us. >> bill: when did the irs appear? >> well, there is one thing that happened before the irs came. that is we found an investigator working for the subcommittee for investigations or at least he said he was employed by them snoops around the courthouse. idaho courthouse my hometown for three days asking about me personally and digging into my background and kim stros sell came out and said this is the president's enemy's list. then there was an outpouring of support for us. >> bill: you don't know exactly who th who was nosing around in idaho? we don't know exactly who he was? >> sure we know. his name was michael wolf. >> and he worked for who? >> well, we don't know for
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sure who he worked for. >> bill: that's what i mean. >> his web site. >> who is he connected to. >> his web site said he worked for the permanent subcommittee on investigations for the u.s. senate. that's what it said at the time. >> bill: all right. that looks like there is some guy trying to dig up dirt on you. let's get to the irs which is most important. >> okay. >> then they come in, when? >> let's see, two months later, september 12th, 2012 i got my first letter of -- that we were going to audited. >> had you been audited before? >> one time in the last 30 years. >> bill: so you are audited by the irs and someone else came in to look at your books as well? >> yes. i told you the date wrong. the date was in june i got my first letter the second letter from the irs was in september. >> bill: another agency involved in looking at your finances as well?
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>> yes. the department of labor. so i got two audits on -- two notices of -- one notice of two audits in june and then the department of labor, and then once again, in september, the third irs audit. >> bill: okay, so then four actions against you. now, it's almost a year later. did any of those audits come up with anything? >> no, sir. >> nothing? >> no penalties, no fines, nothing. >> they owe you money, i understand, right? >> they owe me a large refund, yes. it's been held up they tell me it's coming in the next 90 days. >> in order to defend you you had to spend $100,000 in legal fees. are you they going to reimburse that for you? >> oh, i don't think so. i don't think that's part of it. it was about $80,000 in total that we spent on legal fees and accounting fees. >> bill: all right. circumstantially, there is no question that you are a target because you gave money to mitt romney.
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that's what it seems like. >> here's the question. they chose 8 people, the president's campaign chose 8 people. i believe to show what happens to donors to the romney campaign. it had a big impact on me. it was chilling on the other people, too. >> bill: yeah. >> and i'm hoping that they will come forward and say what happened to them, also. >> bill: you know what's going to happen now, mr. van der sloot? you will be called in front of congressional committee to testify after they see this tonight. and you know, we have got to stop this. we can't have the irs terrorizing american citizens for doing what they want to do legally in the political realm. you are a man of courage. we appreciate you standing up. if anything happens. any blow back towards you, any threats towards you, you let us know right away and we will follow the story, mr. van der sloot. sorry you had to go through it? >> thank you. thank you. >> next on the run down, looks like the irs will be in charge of forcing the obama care provisions. lou dobbs will tell us about that.
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what about the folks? do they really care about these candles? >> do you know what happened that night in benghazi? >> not a clue. i'm bad with current events. >> we're coming right back.
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>> bill: lieu's the boss segment tonight. a woman named sara ingraham has been appointed as the director of the affordable care act office. that means she is in charge of making sure businesses apply with obama care. if they don't, they could get fined. some people are upsays about this because of ms. ingraham's background. here now fox news business anchor lou dobbs. before we get to the irs story that's what this is all about. >> absolutely. >> bill: americans making a legal donation and all of the sudden their personal lives are being investigated and the irs comes down the train running legal fees up.
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>> and the arrogance for the irs to step in. van der sloot is multimillionaire with great resource accountants and attorneys and they hammer him with irs audits. labor department surveys. i mean that's powerful intimidation. >> bill: that is what the irs story saul about. if you ask miller i don't think anybody knows about it. >> nobody knows. >> this is a man of such arrogance he knows is he beyond the power of the congress. he told them basically i'm not playing, i'm not talking. and i will have to be forced to talk. >> he is going to jail, i think. good, good chance he is indicted. this ingraham woman should be frightened or what. >> we should be concerned that this president acting contrite.
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acting outraged and asking a man to leave his post two weeks early as director of the internal revenue. >> bill: is he going to find out all the names refresher course of what happened while she was there. >> egregious acts were committed. >> how could she be in charge if miller was in charge. >> miller put her there sholman put they're her there. >> bill: the previous guy before miller? what was she doing. >> tax exempt division. shoe was running the tax exempt version tea party gain that kind of status and she was running. >> and she was running that and rubbing them off shy did going to done that. take her in the middle up to this you know that's a natural place though. put her. >> make her more powerful.
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>> no one can come up with her title right now. we do know she is in charge of the affordable care act. >> enforcement. >> implementation. >> got to do it or get fined by the irs. >> if the president were going to fire some people you would have thought the first person on the list. >> bill: she would have been fired. >> the person in charge. they are trying told on to her. >> bill: i'm lauinlike it says points memo it's so ridiculous is it not absurd? >> it is absurd. and it's also though, an absolute validation of every fear we ever had about what this administration is about. ifsz not being sincere the president, not being con tried. he was hiding the person most culpable by all appearances in the chain of organization not hiding her, making her segment b on the factor. >> dave camp and speaker boehner are going to make her exhibit a in the
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investigations of the irs going forward. >> bill: i just -- to me, the whole thing there is something -- there isn't -- doesn't seem to be any coordination here. you would think that maybe we don't put her in charge because she is going to have all her own problems. we get someone else. it didn't work out that way. spending most of their coordination effort stamping administration. internal revenue service with the abuse of power. benghazi and 8 months on a stone call? >> it makes it worse they seem only worse because we found out about it. >> how could we not find out about it? she is in charge. >> do you remember the modified limited hangout from the nixon days where they give you a little piece to keep you away from the main event? this administration is doing exactly that right now in my opinion. >> bill: all right, lou dobbs, everybody, there he is. directly ahead, do the folks really care about all the sandals going on in
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washington in the factor takes to the streets to find out. chaos and many american public schools because violent students are threatening teachers, sometimes baiting them. los angeles says they will no longer suspend those students. "special report" up ahead.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. new poll from gallup ask how closely americans are following the sandals in washington. irs deal 56% are watching it, 46% are not. benghazi, 53% following it closely. again, 46% care very much. we decided to take a factor survey on the streets of new york city told we sent producer dan bank to get opinion. >> what do you think about the latest going on with the benghazi investigation?
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>> i haven't really been following it that much. [ laughter ] >> i don't know anything about it. >> to be honest i haven't been following along too closely, sorry. >> it's a joke, pathetic. open up the curtains, man. what about the government that is supposed to be transparent? >> do you know what happened on the night of september 11th, 2012 in benghazi? >> yes. >> sure, yes. >> are you just saying that? >> i'm not sure of the actual incident. no. >> not necessarily off the top of my head. >> not a clue. >> no clue, man. i'm bad with current convenience. what happened. >> >> oh, gosh,. >> four americans were killed in a terrorist attack. >> that sucks this the first time you are hearing about that. >> it is. >> what have you been doing for the past few months? >> school, working, man. >> do you know what happened in benghazi? >> no. >> have you ever heard the term benghazi? >> no. who was the secretary of
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state when the incident occurred? >> >> who was the secretary of state? i'm not familiar. >> who is the vice president? >> that would be -- my mind is blanking. >> how about the irs scandal? have you been following that? >> which irs scandal? >> gosh, i should not be asked about this. >> part of that not today. >> when are you part of it? >> next year. >> the irs has been taking advantage of conservatives. >> i think that is typical of a government with too much power and has run amuck. >> that's over my head. >> scandal type of deal with tea party affiliates. >> it's been pretty big part of news this week. how do you feel about not knowing about it? >> um, i feel kind of like i'm under a rock to be honest. >> do you feel bad at all that you don't know? >> yeah i do and i feel even worse. >> i don't follow that all i do is work and eat and go to the gym. >> what have you been doing
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lately that you didn't know who the vice president was. >> we are both college students. >> what college do you go to? >> that would be call berkeley. >> cal berkeley. that's a pretty hard school to get into, right? >> definitely, yeah. do you think you have to know who the vice president is in order to go to cal berkeley? >> probably, yeah. >> bill: here is no take on this. no question we the people have become distracted. keep it pitty, the machines are taking over. and when you spend most of your leisure time tweeting, gaming on the cell phone, at the gym, whatever, you don't have much time to absorb information. so that's what's happened no surprise to me that literally half the country has no blanking clue how the obama administration is running things. you know what? many of those people don't care. it may be a slilt exaggeration if albania took over the u.s.a. tech
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heads had the memos. albania. going on. sad. we have a new bill o' poll question for you who do know what's going on. in your opinion, which situation is more damaging to the country? benghazi or the irs? which situation more damaging to the u.s.a., benghazi or the irs commissioner? bill o' plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. there is an epidemic of violence in the nation's public school system. now in los angeles they are not going to suspend threatening students. we'll have a special report. and then new study out of california says strong men tend to be conservative and while the weaker guys tend to go left. is that fair? we'll find out and hope you stay tuned to those reports. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do?
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[ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet?
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>> bill: fridays with geraldo segment tonight. as we have been reporting there seems to be epidemic of violence in the public schoolings. now in los angeles the school board has voted 5 to 2 to stop suspending students if they have defiant behavior in the classroom. that sin sane. some voted that way because suspensions in l.a. are of minority students with us now to discuss the matter fox news anchor geraldo rivera. now in los angeles if the student goes after you, to the -- even worse, you know, the most vial language in front of the whole class he is not or she is not suspended from school. and the punishment is very, very light. and you say? >> well, they are north ejected from the building but they can be put into
1:30 am
kind of a rubber room. the theory is if you send these kids out on the street during the school day, what are they going to do? >> they are going to go back to the gang. they will go back to the situation. there is no dads in the home anyway. you will have exacerbated situation once you suspend them for that willful defiance as be a knox shut as it is once you expel them from the safe confines of the building itself then they're out there. >> bill: better to keep them polluting the building walking around in the common areas disrespectenning the system. it's better to do that affect event the other students and have the teachers terrorized and in fear of them thean suspending them for a tuesdays. >> my sister was superintendent of the schools on long island and long-time prince he will '. i interviewed her i told her o'reilly is going to give me a hard time and bust my chops. >> bill: that's right. >> i asked her what should i say? what is the proper procedure?
1:31 am
we were public school students. you know, irene and i were public school students. what do you do? she said as long as the student is not a threat to himself and the other students or to the teacher, then there has to be some kind of lid level punishment that stops shy of getting them out of the building. what's going to happen? bank robbery and gang banger. >> when the kid got suspended from my school tough school catholic school but tough. the parents were called. in they physically had to come in. all right? they were told the student couldn't come back for a certain amount of days if he or she did it again they're out of there, okay? gone. and it's your problem. do i believe a lot of this problem. >> can i stop you -- >> -- do i believe a lot of this problem is because of derelict parents? yes i do. >> or no patient. one embattled parent. >> and that's a fact of
1:32 am
life everywhere in the -- particularly in places like los angeles and new york city. however, you have got to protect the students from other students and particularly the teachers. >> agreed. >> you have to protect them. >> i agree. columbine, the awful massacre in colorado. that's what started the zero tolerance. because those kids were disciplinary problems. the two perpetrators of that massacre, disciplinary problems. educators in public schools throughout this country passed this zero tolerance. if you act up. if you put your feet down no i'm not going to do that stop shaking your hand and leg no, i'm not going to do that you know, turn off your ipod. i'm not going to do that used to be you are out and back on the streets and then they started finding who exactly were these willfulfully defiant kids. exactly these children from these busted families and you will remember in black
1:33 am
families, only one out of four has two parents. only one out of four. latino families it's two out of four. >> bill: i understand that geraldo, even jerry brown vetoed this. even jerry brown the governor of california said you can't not suspend students who are calling the teacher an you have got to get them out of there to send a message to the other students. >> governor brown's reason was he thought that disciplinary matters should stay in the local school jurisdiction. in other words, what's good for l.a. may not be good for strand. may not be good for the valley or the riverside or san bernardino. >> is he jesuit educated. he understands if a teach every doesn't have authority, all right, and can't teach without fear, the whole thing breaks down. let me tell you one more thing. the reason this was done in l.a. is because of what i
1:34 am
said in the lead. that most of these kids are minds. >> they are, they are. >> they're basically. >> 340,000 suspensions out of 700,000. >> here is what the school board is saying. we surrender, all right? we are going to let these kids do what they want on our campuses because we surrender. you can't do it? >> you can't divorce the school from society. >> bill: no, school is different. school is different. >> school is different. if you send that kid out of that school i guarantee you, i have done some stories with the gangs in l.a. >> bill: yeah but if he stays in. >> social problems and drug dealers. why not put them in a rubber room put them in the gymnasium or p.e. teacher. >> bill: can you put them in a so-called opportunity school they do in dade county, california. can you can do that first you have to punish and send a message we are not going to allow this kind of behavior. >> just consider this idea. >> bill: i only have 30 seconds wrap it up.
1:35 am
>> you come to school every day and behave. at the end of the month i'm giving you 100 bucks. >> bill: bribe them. >> i would bribe them. that's exactly right. i would bribe them. >> bill: you are rich enough you can do it? >> look who is talking. [ laughter ] >> bill: send me email geraldo will send you 1200 bucks. come right back gutfeld and mcguirk comparing liberal and conservative men. this one could get bloody fast, ladies and gentlemen. coming right back. if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly. in the what the just happened segment tonight. santa barbara in association with a university in denmark, men, who are strong, strong men, more likely to be conservative while men who are week more likely to get left. collected data on by accept size upper body strength here to sort it out gutfeld and mcguirk. you might be an exception to the study. >> i was the editor of men's health. my abs had abs. >> bill: were you the editor of men's health. >> yes for a brief period of time until they found out about my secret. this is extremely obvious almost all professional athletes are conservatives. team sports and scoring
1:40 am
rely on results. a plus b equals c. if you are a liberal a plus b equals racist. no such kind of math involved you need results. guys lift weights are generally more conservative they like to see results. >> bill: you say? >> have you ever seen gutfeld shirtless? you might want to look online. >> go to the web site. >> exhibit a in all of this are the whiney pencil neck wimps on msnbc. they look like dweebs on that show the big bang theory. that's a. >> bill: do you really believe that weaker men, physically weaker are -- tend to go left? >> i think this is plausible. credible. >> bill: alec baldwin is a big guy. burly. >> he probably did a lot of drugs when he was younger. maybe, maybe not. i don't know. real men, to paraphrase the great charles krauthammer. real men do not suck at the teet of big government.
1:41 am
>> bill: they make it on their own. >> they make it on their own. listen, bill, historically we have had charleston heston, john wayne, ronald reagan. >> bill: clint east eastwood. >> jon stewart and -- >> bill: wait until stewart hears that. >> every action hero is a conservative. if you are going to fight evil have you got it believe in evil fight it. >> bill: george clooney played batman. >> and not very well. [ laughter ] >> i don't know what arnold has done. he is not really a conservative guy. he is conservative. >> he is not conservative in the bedroom. >> sea conservative guy. all right. thootion enough of that. abercrombie and fitch you shop in there. not allowed in the dressing room. >> bill: you have a colorful life. the ceo of abercrombie and
1:42 am
fitch says they are not going to carry extra large sizes they don't want chubby people in the store. they want people who look like they're models and things like that. now they this is not working out well for abercrombie and fitch. there is a backlash. saying it's not all about body appearance. >> this is what i say bill, it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people these abercrombie and fitch people are like perverts market near porn to teens and between. kindred spirits with mike bloomberg elitest. look down their nose at their overweight brothers and sisters. >> overweight brothers and sisters. >> that's right. >> bill: leading the movement now. >> ignore life's hardships and mall ladies that lead to this condition. terrible thing i'm disgusted by it. >> bill: you are appalled. >> i don't go to lane bryant looking for a moo moo in my size. >> bill: is that
1:43 am
abercrombie and fitcow i sympathize with the large ladies and make me feel bad about my body. >> bill: how do they do that? >> these guys are super ripped. large women deserve a place to shop in 10 years i be with them with the right hormonal cocktail. >> bill: are you working on that now. >> yeah i have been working with a change. >> bill: fox news. >> i'm bored with who i am. >> bill: you are not the only one. >> not as offensive policies are. this is the sad truth in this culture. fat, unattractive in other words are shunned. >> bill: this is more of a marketing thing with this guy. i know these people. i know what they do. just to remind you, everybody, abercrombie and fitch uses models, early 20's, this and. that is like 18 of them and all in the sand. not building a castle, ladies and gentlemen. >> know a lot about this. >> bill: billboard is 18 feet high.
1:44 am
>> why are you out there looking at it. >> bill: i'm not out there. i'm just reporting. this is a conscious marketing thing we want good-looking people in our stores. so, we're not going to carry your size if you look a certain way look at the news in general the hottest babes in tv are in the news. sort of a societal thing. the only fat chicks in movies are comedians. >> bill: you are comparing abercrombie and fitch to the news business. >> i'm saying there is a connection society as a whole that is just -- we are superficial people. >> bill: if you want to sell clothes you sell to as many people as have money, right? i mean i guess. >> if you don't like the place you can shop somewhere else. >> bill: lane bryant. >> a wonderful place by the way. >> bill: how did that get into the conversation? that's the wardrobe you are going to pick out once the hormones kick. >> in look it up online again. >> pinheads of the week coming up here. i had a really good pinhead
1:45 am
this week. we have that after these messages.
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>> back of the book segment tonight. the pinheads of the week, once again gutfeld and mcguirk you have chosen white house spokesperson jay carney. >> how are you going to move on now and restore, perhaps, faith that some americans have lost this week in your openness and honesty? >> well, i'm not sure, again, you are concocting sandals here that don't exist especially with regards to the benghazi affair that was contrived by republicans and i think has fallen apart largely this week the fact of the matter is this administration has a record on transparency as does any
1:49 am
previous administration and we are committed to that. >> bill: what can i say? gutfeld, go. >> he is our generation's eddy has kill. he really is he will say anything to mrs. cleaver. this guy used to be a reporter. >> bill: "time" magazine. >> now he is an apologist who will say anything. the transformation makes sex change look like a wart removal. he has completely changed. that back and forth between him and pierce morgan was like a slow dance at a prom. i'm surprised one of them didn't get pregnant. >> bill: gutfeld means not any hard questions lodged. cancery's job is to make the president look good. doesn't do his job he won't get paid. tony is a good friend of mine. he did take very difficult questions as a spokesperson for president bush the younger. snow would give you or cede a point. you know, carney never does. >> i think carney is like a legal aid lawyer in a high
1:50 am
profile case. is he pretty much his head if you ask me. i'm starting to develop a certain sympathy for the guy. is he in a tough spot. he has got to go out there. >> bill: he doesn't. can he moderate his -- >> bill: he can moderate the responses by saying all of the scandals are concocted. everybody knows that is ridiculous. >> you, mcguirk have chosen mars. there is a list to sign up for to go to mars. roll the tape. >> establish human settlement on mars in 2023. in that year the first group of four humans will land on mars. 1972 was the last time that humans walked on the moon. no human has ever gone as far as mars. mars one is designed as a mission that is simpler than
1:51 am
previous designs for mars missions. the crew is actually going to stay and live on mars with the intention to remain there for the rest of their lives. >> why not? let's go. people signing up, let's go. >> 78,000 people signed up. a good way to thin the herd. >> bill: and you can't come back. >> a one way trip. >> and they will not be able to get the technology to take you there but even if they could and take you and you pay them all the money you can't come back. that's it. you are out of here. 78,000 pinheads. >> funded by a dutch reality tv show. who would take a trip to mars paid for by the kind of people who gave you gary busse and khloe kardashian.
1:52 am
>> the whole point is to tell people you are going, not really going,. >> bill: i like the thought of thinning the herd. here is my pinhead of the week. there she is. bbea arthur. topless. take a look at what a pinhead paid for this. $1.9 million. 1.9 for a topless picture of bea arthur. $1.9 million could buy 127 track chairs for the amputee veterans that came back from iraq and afghanistan all screwed up, all right. we have been promoting this charity independence $1.9 millions gets 127 amputees this chair. but you no this idiot wants to pay almost 2 million today's look at this every day.
1:53 am
>> for a pair of water balloons. makes no sense. it is actually obnoxious and obscene. >> when you get the painting they he have the thing over it. >> this is the greatest thing ever. this means my water color of lou dobbs in a speedo is going to get $5 million. >> is that right? >> can't spell beauty without b. >> estelle getty next? >> no, i have the pictures. >> you have it already? >> how about a nude portrait of andy rooney? >> bill: that will be next. 1.6 million. >> go to my website. >> bill: whoever bought that is a real pinhead. i don't know who it is. next on the factor tip of the day, something you must force the kids to do. moments away.
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>> bill: factor tip of the day. something you should force the urchins to do in a moment. first factor alert. as we mentioned last night the usa strong gear selling fast. hats and shirts make great father's day gifts. they will sell out. also super no spin pens and mugs for dad. premium membership, get that for dad get either killing kennedy or lincoln free of charge. a few you tickets left for the bolder fresher shows. they are premium seats so make that happy. the mail, jim morris of california. you had no liberals on last night. fair and balanced? >> breaking news spatial, jim. on wednesday we had beckel and powers back to back. look at the totality of it. i try to have a balance. >> marie peer. don't know about fast and furious or what happened in benghazi or don't know how the
1:57 am
irs thing happened. absolutely, maria. >> bill: is it the president's job to know? i believe so, nancy. >> bill: emile marino. you stated you did not understand why more people weren't concerned about the scandals. the reason is they do not direct le affect them. bill, why do you interrupt charles krauthammer? we have a limited time and topics to get to. love the latest book. especially the part about facing your fears. i really needd that. glad i could help. thanks for reading it. sharon mcguire. there have always been women attracted to notorious men. they are thrill seeking but can become bad people themselves. janet poland in florida, it
1:58 am
explains sickening why thousands of girls are sympathetic to the boston terrorist. >> here is my tip for parents and grandparents. set up something fun for the urchins now. force them to participate in a family day. go to the beach. fishing. to a baseball game. hit a golf course. bowling. doesn't matter. just get the kids doing something with their family. and not just a barbecue where they can grab a burger and run back inside to play the dopey computer games. that doesn't count. get the urchins involved with something besides tech. not going to be easy. they are going to resist. but plan ahead. do something fun. well, defined. tie them up you, put them in a bag, throw them in the car, and they will like it.
1:59 am
that always happens. i don't want to go. i don't want to go! and then they do it and they like it. all right. factor tip of the day. get those urchins outside with their families. that is if t. for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from billo'reilly .com. we would like you tosspo to spt off about the factor. name and town if you wish to oh pine. word of the day, make sure your e-mail to us is not jejune. don't say there is no their there and don't say at the end of the day. it is getting to the point where i think homicides will start to be committed with the two cliches.
2:00 am
thanks for watching us tonight. i'll bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely here because we are definitely welcome to hannity. tonight there is fresh fallout from the irs enemies list targeting conservatives. earlier today, lawmakers on capitol hill grilled the top official at the tax agency ousted commissioner steve miller during a firey hearing. now, there was several bomb shell revealations for starters during his testimony today miller admitted that the apology made last week by irs lawyer lois learner was staged. watch this. >> do you know miss celia roady a member of the advisory council on tax exempt and government entities? >> i do. >> was her question to ms. learner about targeting conservative groups planned in advance? >> i believe that we talked about that, yes.

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